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Joseph Daniel is a senior energy analyst with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In his role, he establishes policy positions, develops strategy, and produces analytics that spur innovation in energy markets to facilitate the transition to a modern electricity grid that is clean, affordable, flexible, and reliable. See Joseph's full bio.

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Downtowngal, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Has Consumers Energy Found a Loophole in its Clean Energy Pledge?

Despite promises to go clean, Consumers Energy is looking to buy a gas plant. But there are far better options that are more flexible, will probably cost less, and don’t saddle customers with the unnecessary risk associated with investing in gas-fired power plants. Read more >

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We Need to Put an end to Selling Utility Customer Debt

The energy burden is a major problem in the US. In fact, about one in three families living in the United States can’t afford to pay their electric bills. Utilities and regulators account for this shortage and all those unpaid utility bills become ‘bad debt’ on the utilities’ ledger called “uncollectables”. Read more >

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Matthew Henry/Unsplash

Should the Electric Grid Be Antiracist?

The electric grid is an inanimate object, but we can document the racist outcomes the grid produces. Here are some ways we can make it antiracist. Read more >

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Contracts to Burn: How Long-Term Fossil Fuel Contracts and Power Purchase Agreements Lock In Pollution

The clean energy transition has some strong momentum right now, and removing obstacles that hinder the transition will allow us to see the benefits of renewable energy much more quickly. Read more >

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Will BP Finally Succeed at Moving Beyond Petroleum? To Survive, It Must.

I sat down with Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison — the “Kanye West of Solar” — to discuss what the future holds for BP and other major oil and gas companies that are looking to transition from being an O&G company into an energy company of the future. Read more >

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