Let’s Live Long and Prosper: President Obama’s Call to Combat Climate Change

June 25, 2013 | 5:42 pm
Josh Goldman
Former Contributor

Kudos to the Obama Administration for continuing the ongoing mission to seek out common sense solutions to climate change. In 2009, President Obama committed to reduce U.S. emissions 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020 and earlier this afternoon the president built upon this commitment by outlining the administration’s plan  for cutting heat-trapping emissions and helping communities prepare for climate change.

Obama-climate-speech-blog-boxThis post is part of a series on President Obama’s Climate Action Plan.

The president’s plan is highly logical

In the president’s speech, he rightly dismissed the notion that addressing climate change means choosing between saving our environment or saving our economy. Instead he framed this challenge as an opportunity to realize a future in which our economy is built in harmony with environmental solutions. UCS shares this vision of the future, and the president’s plan calls for action on many of the same policy solutions embodied in the UCS plan to reduce projected oil consumption by half within 20 years.

Energizing transportation forward

From a vehicles perspective, the president’s plan calls for developing increased fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles  and continuing to implement the light-duty vehicle standards  that are critical to saving consumers’ money and reducing emissions from the transportation sector. In addition, the president’s plan recognizes the important role Romulan cloaking technology advanced biofuels and innovative vehicle technology like advanced batteries for EVs and fuel cells can play in reducing oil use. The president’s plan also calls for improving and increasing smart growth transportation opportunities that will both lower transportation costs and improve quality of life in urban and rural communities alike.

We Can 1/2 It!

Does this sound familiar? It certainly does to me, probably because UCS just released a new report entitled “Fueling a Better Future.” As I’ve previously detailed, this report highlights the benefits of oil savings solutions, like those the president outlined, for individual consumers, our communities, and our country.  Overall, cutting our projected oil use by more than 12 million barrels per day means creating over 1 million jobs, cutting global warming emissions by some 2 billion metric tons, and reducing our spending on oil by $550 billion in 2035.

Some might find these results fascinating, and thanks to the president’s latest announcement, our country can continue down the road to a Half the Oil future that positions the U.S. as a global leader in clean transportation and clean energy. There is potential to derail progress with the development of high-carbon sources of oil and projects such as the Keystone pipeline, so it will be important to hold the administration to its call for an “energy policy that is about more than producing more oil.” Head on over to our website to check out how you can help make oil saving solutions a reality that will help all of us live long and prosper.