We’re NASA and We Know It Makes Me LMFAO (with Curiosity)

, former deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy | August 16, 2012, 8:56 am EDT
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Sure, you can watch the actual Mars rover Curiosity landing. And sure, you can watch people dance to LMFAO’s “We’re Sexy and We Know It.” But it did not seem possible that the two could be related. Until yesterday.

A group called Satire has come up with a hilarious (and scientifically accurate) video titled “We’re NASA and We Know It” that brings together Curiosity, LMFAO, Carl Sagan, break dancing, hat tips to real NASA employees, a bikini-clad robot, and…well just watch it. It is well worth three minutes of your time:

You know you’ve found success when NASA tweets about your creation.

NASA itself has already put out some fantastically popular videos such as this animation, (albeit with less of a dance beat). But expect to see more of these sorts of marriages of pop culture and space science, as the Curiosity mission has embraced social media; for example, they’re already tweeting photos of and from the rover.

And this, in a week when the U.S. population reached pi times 100 million. My head is spinning.

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  • Ian

    The planet is on life support, billions wasted on rovers, instead of planting trees we race ever faster to a burnt out wasteland like Mars, and those in the top 0.5% of wealthiest (read USA, Europe etc “scientists” salaries), are interested in whether they got a Twitter. Those you can make a change in the headlong race to stopping planetary destruction, are twittering twits, iphone zombies and self-interested self-absorbed junkies. The population of the world has exploded from 3.5B to 9B in 50 years. It took from the beginning of humans existence to 1800 to reach 1B. 70% of all the fish in the ocean are gone and the China sea is a dead zone. Mercury levels are so high (primarily from China’s dirty coal plants) that the fish is too poisoned to eat. 50% of the world’s forest are gone. And we breakdance on the deck of the titanic. We laugh and giggle and spend our time rapping and yapping.
    Yes we need a break (a laugh) but we also need focus and serious concern for the deathblow were are dealing to nature. Why is money being wasted on rovers and Hadron collidor when we haven’t even started to master birth control and reforestation?

    • Michael Halpern

      Most government scientists will assure you that the path to riches is not through public service.

      And yes, certainly, we have to focus on big challenges. NASA gets the most headlines for its space exploration, but its research on Earth is just as critical if not more so. Here’s a chance for you to tell NASA what its priorities should be: