Chronic inundation

Inundaciones crónicas, gentrificación climática y el futuro de Miami

Nicole Hernández Hammer,

Esta semana, la Union of Concerned Scientists publicó un informe que analiza los impactos de las inundaciones debidas a las mareas crónicas en las propiedades costeras en los 48 estados contiguos de los Estados Unidos. La cantidad de hogares y negocios, el valor de estos, junto con la cantidad de base impositiva y, lo que es más importante, las personas en riesgo, es sorprendente. Read more >

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How Many Homes Are at Risk from Sea Level Rise? New Interactive Map Has the Answers

, senior climate scientist

Last week the Union of Concerned Scientists released a report revealing that sea level rise puts over 300,000 homes in the United States at risk of increasingly frequent, disruptive flooding in just the next 30 years. Along with the report, UCS published an interactive map tool that lets you explore the exposure of coastal real estate in your state, your community, or your ZIP code to chronic flooding, or flooding that occurs 26 times or more per year (an average of every other week). It also highlights the implications of this massive risk to our economy and the importance of both acting quickly to curtail our carbon emissions and using the coming years wisely to prepare for the changes to come. Read more >

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Sea Level Rise Will Make Oregon’s Existing Flooding Problems Worse

, senior climate scientist

In 2013 Annie Pollard opened her pub, the 7 Devils Brewing Co., in Coos Bay, Oregon. Less than two years later, the pub flooded during a heavy rain that coincided with a high tide, and Pollard found herself stacking sandbags and mopping up floodwaters. While high tide flooding is relatively infrequent in Coos Bay, when it does occur, businesses like Pollard’s are at risk, and inundated roads cause traffic in town to snarl. Pollard and other business owners are acutely aware that such floods could become a much bigger problem for Coos Bay in the future. Read more >

Rob More for the Oregon King Tides Photo Project
Oregon Global Warming Commission
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Photo: New Jersey National Guard

The National Flood Insurance Program is up for Reauthorization: Here’s What Congress Should Do

, Policy Director and Lead Economist, Climate & Energy

The National Flood Insurance Program is up for reauthorization by the end of September and the clock is ticking for legislation to extend the program. With so many homeowners and small businesses depending on this vital program, will Congress take the necessary steps to reform and strengthen the program—especially in light of the growing risks of coastal and inland flooding?

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest bills and what they might mean for the future of the program. Read more >

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