Derrick Jackson

La lucha por una respuesta justa al COVID-19

Si bien los huracanes Katrina y María turbaron las vidas de las familias afroamericanas y latinx, la recalada del coronavirus trae un temporal de otra magnitud. Un Categoría 5 de enfermedades contagiosas, el coronavirus tiene la capacidad de aplastar las maltrechas comunidades debilitadas ya por las injusticias ambientales, económicas y de salud. Read more >

Derrick Jackson
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Pollution released by refinery fire. Greg Kunit/Creative Commons (Flickr)

While You Were Focused on COVID-19, EPA Gave Polluters Free Rein, Threatening At-Risk Communities

, Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist

On March 26, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an order–retroactive to March 13–giving polluters the power to “self-regulate,” suspending environmental enforcement and giving industry a free pass to pollute. This is the latest and most brazen act by an administration determined to remove any semblance of federal environmental oversight or protections for the public. Read more >

Greg Kunit/Creative Commons (Flickr)
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Populismo y capitalismo salvaje en tiempos de coronavirus: ¡Que no nos lleve el chanfle!

, energy analyst

El coronavirus está haciendo su paso por el mundo y a la fecha los números son escalofriantes, con más de 480.000 personas contagiadas y mas de 22.000 vidas perdidas.

Aun más escalofriante es constatar cómo ciertos lideres del hemisferio americano pretenden darle prioridad a la generación de capital y la resonancia con su base política por encima de la protección de la vida de sus ciudadanos. Read more >

Pharexia and authors of File:BlankMap-World.svg / CC BY-SA (
Toby Morris (
Integrantes del cuerpo médico de Perú
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Greg Kunit/Creative Commons (Flickr)

Before Bailing Out Fossil Fuel Companies or Their Bankers, Congress Should Read This

, climate accountability campaign director

A new report released last week by a range of organizations provides valuable information and guidance that might help us rebuild the economy and the energy system around principles of justice, transparency, and science-based decisionmaking. It may not be top of mind as the world faces a growing pandemic. However, it includes research that legislators should bear in mind as they consider economic stimulus measures, potentially including aid to banks and fossil fuel companies that are behind the climate crisis which still looms. Behind the COVID-19 threat, our climate emergency continues to require swift and deep emissions reductions to ensure a stable climate. Read more >

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Coronavirus Aid Must Help Farmers Keep Foothold in Local Food Economies

, Food Systems & Health Analyst

Major grocery chains are seeing sharp increases in sales this week as households stock up and prepare to stay home to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Photos of empty shelves in stores across the country have even prompted warnings against hoarding and reminders to shop responsibly.

But beyond the walls of the nation’s big box stores, other vital facets of the food system are faring far worse. Among them are the local and regional markets that allow farmers to sell directly to consumers or to restaurants, schools, and other institutions. Read more >

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