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Photo: AP/Bebeto Matthews

Vulnerable Populations Across US Metro Areas at Risk of Fatal Heat by Mid-Century

, Climate Scientist

If we don’t take action now to reduce heat-trapping carbon emissions, we will experience many more days of killer heat in many parts of the country, putting millions of people at risk of heat-related illness or death. We estimate that without action, by midcentury there could be more than four times the amount of days with a heat index over 105°F across the country. Read more >

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As temperatures soar above the 100ºF mark, hitting a high of 106ºF by mid-day, children play in open fire hydrants during a heat wave in New York, NY.

African Americans Are Disproportionately Exposed to Extreme Heat

, Lead Climate Justice Analyst

Climate change is a threat multiplier. This is a fact I know to be true. I also know that our most vulnerable populations, particularly environmental justice communities—people of color and/or low socioeconomic status—are suffering and will continue to suffer first and worst from the adverse effects of climate change. Case in point? Extreme heat. Read more >

Anthony Behar/Sipa Press
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As Heatwave Blankets Nation, Utility Disconnect Policies Can Kill

, Senior Energy Analyst

As temperatures increase, so does our reliance on things like air conditioning. That increased electric load can stress the grid, but it can also stress our pocketbooks with the increased use of A/C translating into increased electric bills. Read more >

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Will the US Be a Dystopian Hellscape in 2100 if Emissions Keep Rising?

, senior climate scientist

The US is on a path to an unrecognizably hot future. Here’s what that looks like and how to change course. Read more >

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This Weekend’s Heatwave Is the Future of Extreme Heat: 3 Things You Should Know and Do

, Senior analyst, Climate & Energy

It’s the heart of summer and we expect it to be hot. But not like this. Read more >

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