Hawaii Hurricanes, El Niño, and Climate Change

, , former scientist and Kendall Science Fellow

A rare event occurred this past weekend when two tropical systems approached the state of Hawaii. Hurricanes happen only occasionally in this part of the world because a fairly constant high pressure system deflects most of the storms. Also, the waters around Hawaii are typically cooler than tropical systems need in order to maintain their strength. Read more >

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Climate Change is Putting Iconic Historic Sites and National Parks at Growing Risk

, , Deputy director, Climate & Energy

Heading into the Memorial Day weekend, like most people in America, my thoughts usually begin to turn to summer vacation. But this year it’s different. I’m pre-occupied with the alarming threat climate change impacts — especially wildfires and coastal flooding — poses to some of our most important and iconic historic sites and national parks. Read more >

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Energy Elsewhere: What’s Happening in Clean Energy Outside the Continental United States?

, Senior energy analyst

As we are thinking more globally about climate change these days in light of Rio+20, I thought you might enjoy a glimpse into the plans of Northeast Asia. Read more >

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