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Renewable Energy Technology is Not Fully Helping Communities That Need it Most

Carolyn E. Ramirez, Chemical Engineering Ph.D. Candidate, Northwestern University, , UCS

In the United States, renewable energy technology, like solar cells, is still mostly utilized by white populations when data show that communities of color are impacted most negatively by fossil fuel pollution and climate change. Read more >

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Snow covered Texas satellite Feb 15, 2021. NOAA

The Polar Vortex Has Killed 24 in Texas So Far. Who’s to Blame?

, climate scientist

As we watch most of the country being taken over by this polar vortex, we ponder whether climate change has anything to do with it, and if these extreme events will be more likely to happen in the future. We are transfixed at images coming from Texas, where the deep freeze took a hold of most of a state not used to it, and certainly not prepared for it. We hear about the energy outages, what caused them (and what didn’t), and what should be done to prepare for the next deep freeze.

However, when we think of that, the perspectives of people who are living through it all are an important component of the story that needs to be told.

My colleague Maegan Ramirez hails from El Paso and had a lot to say about the situation in Texas. I figured we should hear it in her own voice. Read more >

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Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

What to Look for on Clean Energy During Midwest 2021 State of the State Addresses

, lead Midwest energy analyst

Here are some things to look for in the 2021 Midwest governors’ state of the state speeches, as well as key clean energy developments generally in Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota. Read more >

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Who Is in Charge When You Flip the Light Switch?

, Senior energy analyst

A power struggle for control and governance of the power grid is going on right now. In the week following the attack on the US Capitol, states are working together in the Mid-Atlantic region, and utility oversight is under review in New England. Read more >

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Jyri Engestrom/Flickr

Another Reason Energy Costs are Higher in Winter

, Senior energy analyst

Energy suppliers are neglecting to offer up their supplies, and no one in charge is asking the right questions to protect electricity reliability and consumers when the market fails to provide. Read more >

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