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New COVID-19 Testing Data Reveal 70% More Positive Results in Non-White US Counties

, senior climate scientist

New data compiled and analyzed by UCS shows that in counties with relatively large non-White populations, 70 percent more people test positive for COVID-19 than in predominantly White counties. Read more >

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High waters surround homes and businesses in the small town of Bucksport, S.C. as rivers continue to rise and flooded areas expand as a result of Hurricane Florence, Sept. 24, 2018. Photo: US Army National Guard/Staff Sgt. Jorge Intriago

Hurricane Florence Lessons Underscore Need for the National Flood Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2019

, Climate Resilience Analyst

Congress has a critical opportunity now to reform the National Flood Insurance Program. Here are some of the lessons we can learn from recent hurricanes and other flood events that underscore the need. Read more >

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