Who Is in Charge When You Flip the Light Switch?

, Senior energy analyst

A power struggle for control and governance of the power grid is going on right now. In the week following the attack on the US Capitol, states are working together in the Mid-Atlantic region, and utility oversight is under review in New England. Read more >

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A PV array at the Chisago Solar Site, part of the Aurora Solar Project in Minnesota. NREL

Clean Energy 2020 Year in Review: Midwest Progress

, Energy policy analyst

This year has obviously been an incredibly challenging year, with the coronavirus pandemic, job loses, and a long-overdue reckoning with systematic racism in the United States, and at UCS. Through it all, though, there were some signs of progress related to clean energy in the Midwest. Read more >

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Will Congress Let Clean Energy Momentum Stall Out During COVID?

, director of gov't affairs, Climate & Energy

While Congress provided federal assistance to some industries early into crisis, they have completely ignored others, like the clean energy industry. Read more >

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Mike Blake/REUTERS

Solar Panel Recycling: Let’s Make It Happen

, lead Midwest energy analyst

As current PV installations reach the final decommissioning stage, efficient recycling and material recovery are preferable to disposing of panels in landfills. Read more >

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Climate Justice and the Debate about Community Solar on Farmland

Kristal Hansley, Founder and CEO of WeSolar and Doug Boucher, former Director of Climate Research at the Union of Concerned Scientists, , UCS

Changes in agricultural zoning are a part of government that generally get very little attention, and are seldom seen as involving issues of racism and climate justice. But increasingly, states and counties across the country are seeing that questions of local land use and how we can prevent dangerous climate change are also matters of environmental justice.

Read more >

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