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Clean Energy Tax Policy is Congress’s Last Chance to do Anything Meaningful on Climate This Year

, senior energy analyst

As calls for action on climate change become even louder across the globe (including here in the U.S.) and the impacts of climate change increasingly threaten our way of life, Congress still has a chance to do something right now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive investments in clean energy technologies: extending and expanding tax credits for renewable energy and battery storage. And a new report by Rhodium Group puts some numbers behind this – showing that continued federal tax policy support for clean energy technologies accelerates clean energy deployment and leads to meaningful reductions in carbon emissions. Read more >

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EIA, Rhodium Group Analysis
Rhodium Group Analysis
Rhodium Group Analysis
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Xcel Energy’s Plan to Eliminate Coal and Boost Solar in Minnesota

, lead Midwest energy analyst

Today, Xcel Energy released a preliminary plan to phase out its remaining coal-fired power plants in Minnesota and replace them primarily with wind, solar, and energy efficiency—moving the company forward toward its goal of 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050.

Part of the plan involves a consensus proposal joined by the Union of Concerned Scientists, other clean energy organizations, and the Laborers International Union of North America.

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Clean Energy’s Progress, in One Simple, Uplifting Graphic

, Senior energy analyst

News about global warming can be sobering stuff, and some visual presentations are particularly effective at conveying the bad news. As serious as climate change is, though, it’s important to remember that we have some serious responses. A new way of looking at US wind and solar progress helps make that eminently clear. Read more >

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6 Clean Energy Milestones to Watch For

, Senior energy analyst

Clean energy superstars have been on a tear in recent years, and those superstars—solar, wind, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and others—have had me watching for signposts on our journey to a clean energy future. My focus on clean energy milestones has been turbocharged by the latest figures for how we make electricity in this country, and the news that we passed yet another notable milestone in 2018: solar panels, wind turbines, and other non-hydro renewables provided more than 10% of our power mix last year (more than four times what those technologies were contributing just a decade before). So what clean energy milestones can we hope to hit next in this country? Here are 6 I’m watching for. Read more >

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Source: The Solar Foundation

Trump’s Tariffs May Have Cost the Solar Industry Thousands of Jobs Last Year

, Senior energy analyst

The latest solar jobs census has just come out, and the news is… mixed. Here’s what the survey found, why the numbers are that way, and how we get the whole country on track. Read more >

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