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Astrid Caldas is a climate scientist with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Her research focuses on climate change adaptation with practical policy implications for ecosystems, the economy, and society. See Astrid's full bio

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NOAA and NASA Confirm: 2016 Is Warmest Year on Record.

NASA and NOAA held a press conference today, where they confirmed what had been anticipated for a few months now: 2016 broke all records, and is officially the warmest year. Read more >

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Breaking News From the Arctic: It Is not Santa, It Is Global Warming

As we gear into the holidays in full force, we often think of family gatherings and dinners and gifts. So, it is not surprising that the North Pole is a big news item around this time of the year. Or is it? Read more >

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Ready and Organizing: Scientists, and Most Americans, Have Climate Change on Their Minds

There is action being taken, everywhere, and scientists are outspoken like they haven’t been in a long time. The urgency of the times demands it. Read more >

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Photo: NASA

Matthew Is the Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane in a Generation. Here’s What You Need to Know.

This is a gravely serious storm. Many of today’s East Coast residents have never experienced a hurricane of this magnitude and power, nor much considered the risks. Now they have a matter of hours to prepare. Read more >

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No Need To Wait for the Future: Global Warming Impacts Are Happening Right Here, Right Now.

NASA just released its global temperature measurement for August 2016, which tied July 2016 as the warmest month ever on record. Read more >

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