Will Congress Let Clean Energy Momentum Stall Out During COVID?

, director of gov't affairs, Climate & Energy

While Congress provided federal assistance to some industries early into crisis, they have completely ignored others, like the clean energy industry. Read more >

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Richard O'Reilly/FEMA

Why Did My Power Go Out? Four Ways the Grid Can Fail and Cause an Outage

, Energy analyst

There are many steps involved in delivering electricity to customers, and a power outage can be caused at any step along the way. First, power plants generate electricity. Then high voltage transmission lines move that electricity over long distances. Finally, the last leg of the journey happens on the distribution network, which delivers electricity to customers. Power outages can happen because of failures at any point in that process. Read more >

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New Transmission Projects Will Unleash Midwestern Wind Power—And Save Billions

, senior energy analyst

As we look ahead to our clean energy future, a key piece of the puzzle is building the transmission system that will carry utility-scale renewable energy from where it’s generated to where it’s consumed. A recent study from the Mid-Continent Independent System Operator (MISO) shows that, when done right, transmission projects integrated with renewable energy can pay huge dividends. They decarbonize our electricity supply, improve efficiency, and lower costs to the tune of billions of dollars in benefits to electricity customers.

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Source: MISO
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Rick Perry and the “Texas Approach” to Renewable Energy and Infrastructure

, Senior energy analyst

Rick Perry—Trump’s pick for the Department of Energy—saw how infrastructure can impact energy development when he was governor of Texas.
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There Oughtta Be a Law to Fix the Grid—and There Is!

, , Senior energy analyst

Federal policies to introduce more choice in electricity supplies, and competition from new technologies and companies, continue to evolve and improve. These reforms have greatly fostered the growth of renewable energy across the United States. And a court decision today will help ensure that they continue to do so.
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