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Photo: 運転太郎/Wikimedia Commons

VW Settlement: A Needed Jolt for Electric Trucks and Buses, But More Is Needed

, senior vehicles analyst

It has been nearly three years since the Volkswagen diesel scandal first broke. Since then, a handful of settlements have been reached, one of which provides states funding to offset the extra pollution emitted by defective Volkswagens.

A dozen states have recently finalized such funding plans and others are taking public comment on draft plans. These plans offset a majority of the pollution by providing financial incentives for the purchase of clean trucks and buses.

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A truck believed to be Tesla's was spotted last month.

Tesla, Electric Semi-Trucks and Equity

, senior vehicles analyst

Today is the unveiling of Tesla’s electric semi-truck. There’s been a lot of interest in this truck since it was referenced last summer in Tesla’s master plan. As the unveiling nears, excitement about Tesla’s truck has been tempered by news about the company’s labor conditions and accusations of discrimination at the company. While zero-emission trucks are critically important, so are safe and equitable workplaces. My hope is that Tesla becomes recognized for the quality of its workplace as much as the quality of its vehicles. Read more >

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Clean Tech Comes In All Shapes and Sizes, Including Really Big Trucks

, , senior vehicles analyst

As we look at implementing new standards for heavy duty vehicles, it’s important to understand what technologies are out there on the horizon. To get a glimpse at who’s doing what and why, last week I attended the High-efficiency Truck Users’ Forum (HTUF) 2014 conference at Argonne National Lab. Suppliers, manufacturers, researchers, and fleet operators all got together to discuss the current technologies, those available in the foreseeable future, and the challenges and motivations for their adoption. Read more >

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Electrifying Trucks: Moving Stuff with Less Oil

, research and deputy director, Clean Vehicles

I’ve been spotting plug-in electric cars all over the Bay Area recently. Nissan Leafs and Chevy Volts are a nearly dime a dozen and the plug-in Prius sightings have been adding up recently. I just spotted a Tesla roadster last week quietly engaged in my neighborhood’s evening ritual of locating a parking spot, as well as a Fisker Karma stuck in downtown San Francisco traffic. But amongst all these electrified passenger car sightings, I’ve also noticed an increasing number of hybrid delivery trucks, including one I spotted while biking home the other day. Read more >

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